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Senin, 25 April 2011

~Avril Lavigne~

Hey, hey, you, you. What the hell?-_- #gajelas
Today i want to tell you about Avril Lavigne. She is a singer. I idolized her? Yes, of course because she is beautiful, fashionable and cool. Hahaha she is very cool, yeah...!!
This is few photos :


Yeaaah that's her photos,, what your opinion? Hmm,, sorry i chose to photograph a hurry so not good ;)
Oh,, i just remembered. I'd love to watch the concert on 11 May. But, now i have to collect to buy tickets costing 600 thousands. I thought i would ask for money to my mother for my birthday on 2 May and it could be my birthday gift. But if my mother allowed me to watch the concert during the school day? Oh ma God...
I just pray.... Please all pray for me hahaha #hope :D
Oh yeah.... This picture concert ticket :

What you think now? But,, Please pray for me baby please :*
Thank you so much if you pray for me hahaha

Now,, i'll tell you about the song that i liked her. I have some song, this is it :
1. What the hell
2. When you're gone
3. Best damn thing
4. Girlfriend
5. My happy ending
6. I'm with you
And any more guys........

Ooohh yaaaa..... Don't forget...!!! You should listen to her songs okaaay... ;)
Thanks guys for your participations
Love you all :* bye bye muaacchh

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